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“The difference in winning and losing is most often……not quitting”

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Due to our extensive work in the D1 Property Education sector we have had extensive exposure to planning issues and planning debates. These have been mainly in Camden and Westminster Borough properties. Planning is a complicated and involved subject that requires close understanding of the long term aims of the Boroughs involved. We maintain a close vigil on the aspirations and policies of the local government authorities that we work within. As a result we can provide broad advice on best approach and likely planning outcomes.

We also have specific planning specialists to refer to when a specific application has to be made. Planning change of legal Use situations that we have been involved with have been for Accent (UK) Ltd on Bedford Square, Anglo American on Russell Square, New London College of the Humanities (Bedford Square) and L’Ecole Jeannine Manuel (Bedford Square). If you have a specific planning issue that you would like to discuss then please contact us to arrange a time to meet for a no obligation meeting or discussion.

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