With commercial property in London booming, it can often feel like a daunting task when you begin the process of sourcing a property to rent or lease for your business in the UK’s capital. Outsourcing the work to a Commercial Property Consultant needn’t be an expensive task and if handled in a professional manner can be a much more cost efficient way of both finding and renting a commercial property in London.


Top 5 Reasons to Use a Commercial Property Consultant


1) Market Knowledge

If you have a specific area in mind for your business, a local Commercial Property Consultant will have a strong understanding of the market within that particular area and in many instances will have knowledge of current and upcoming property movements which it valuable if you have a particular type or style of property in mind for your business.

2) Experienced Negotiators

Once you’ve found the right property, having expertise in negotiations can be paramount to securing a property. It’s more than likely that your Commercial Property Consultant will already have a relationship with the agent and/or landlord too and therefore will have a good understanding of the right approach to secure the property along with any agreements such as renovations needed prior to signing a contract.

3) Contract Expertise

Working across a vast number of properties with landlords and businesses it’s integral to have a firm grasp of how lease and rent contracts work, particularly when it comes to the legal side of the contracts. Commercial Property Consultants will work with you to ensure the contracts are as they should be and will highlight any areas of concern or consideration for you to pick up with your solicitors during the process.

4) Financing

Understanding the financing of a commercial property is a meaty task in itself. A Commercial Property Consultant will be on hand to both guide you through the process and additionally in many cases suggest financial bodies for the most appropriate financing options. Check out our glossary of terms for a quick guide to commercial property.

5) Trust

With a wealth of experience in commercial property, consultants serve to look out for your best interests. If working with a trustworthy firm, consultants should always be transparent, open and honest with you. Good practice is for consultants to always highlight if they feel that a particular deal is right or in some cases, not right for you. If in doubt, ask for client recommendations or to view their portfolio of case studies prior to instructing a consultant.


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